Trakta's Order Management System (OMS)
A specialized cloud-based solution meticulously designed to address the unique challenges faced by abstractors and public record research companies in managing the trifecta: orders, vendors, and clients. Trakta's Order Management System (OMS) is an all-in-one platform that empowers you to efficiently handle and accomplish every task essential for seamless order fulfillment.

Advanced User-Friendly Order Management

Create and edit orders easily with our speciaized software that takes care of repetitive and time consuming tasks. Our platform allows you to manage and track your orders efficiently throughout the entire workflow process, allowing real-time analyzis of sales, revenue, and costs, to optimize profits.

Keep Your Documents Organized

Easily manage and organize client, vendor, and contact information within a comprehensive database. Upload, organize and manage documents with a single click. Access your documents anywhere, anytime!

Accounting, Invoices, and Payment Registery

Create invoices, make vendor payments directly within the system and keep track of all your accounting tasks for a streamlined financial management.

Data Analysis and Customizable Reports

Control revenue and costs with in-depth, real-time analysis. Track client order history, vendor performance, generate intuitive graphic-based revenue reports and more...